The Game

With the Tales from the Swamp story line we follow Huck
on his adventures along with all his friends.

Many more characters to come as the story unfolds and gains popularity

  • Poe Gator

    The Potato Chip Loving Alligator

  • Frieda Frog

    Huck's Girlfriend

  • Duh Wayne

    The Country Boy That Always Has A Silly View Of The World Hucks Baby Bro

We feel Huck Hopper is a gift of both fun and hope to the world. Its game play is useful for rehabilitation and break through learning to people. There have been many electronic games and even flash cards on the market in the past. Huck Hopper takes learning, game skills, and fun to a new level at an affordable price. No batteries required the perfect way to bring family time back to the table. The perfect game for any party young or old. We do believe in changing the world for the better with creativity and education. We are proof that anyone has what it takes to grab a pair of scissors a roll of tape and make a difference.